The Unicorn Hunter Blog Tour

The Blog Tour for my first book, The Unicorn Hunter, launched today with a review and short interview that can be found here. A big thanks to Blooming With Books for starting off the tour.

I also have to say that I intend to post a whole lot more on this here website, and my blog, The Brown-Eyed Girl, but figuring out what to post has been the hardest thing ever. This whole getting-a-book-published business has felt like a dream. Even when I hold my book–MY book!!–in my hands, it doesn’t feel real.

The critic in my head tells me I’m not a good enough writer to get published, therefore making me feel like a fraud every time someone buys my book. Do all published writers feel this way? Maybe I should take a poll.

Anyway, I am super excited (ok, MOSTLY excited) that The Unicorn Hunter is out and I can’t wait to share my love of writing with all of you. I mean, that’s really what it comes down to. I love writing and whether or not everyone (or anyone) loves my books, having the chance to bring stories and people to life through my words is absolutely amazing and I will never quit.

Tomorrow, check out Wishful Endings for Day 2 of The Unicorn Hunter Blog Tour!

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