Book Club Fun

I recently participated in my very first book club meeting where the book we read…was mine!

Just like everything about being a published author, it felt a little surreal.

I mean, this is what it’s all about, right? I could crank out a million books, but if it weren’t for readers, they would be useless.

I had a lot of fun and can’t wait to do it again sometime.

P.S. Book clubs rule. I’m just saying.

P.P.S.S. I know my hand looks weird.

Who Wants More?

A big thanks to everyone who’s participated in my blog tour so far. Here are some highlights:

Constance Roberts

Deanna Reads

Mel’s Shelves

The Reader’s Salon

I’ve noticed that a common theme in these reviews is that the reader wanted more. I get that the book ends quickly and a lot of questions are left hanging.

Good news! The Unicorn Hunter isn’t the last you’ll see of Jessalyn or Erik and I promise questions will be answered in the next book.

Thanks for reading!

The Unicorn Hunter Blog Tour

The Blog Tour for my first book, The Unicorn Hunter, launched today with a review and short interview that can be found here. A big thanks to Blooming With Books for starting off the tour.

I also have to say that I intend to post a whole lot more on this here website, and my blog, The Brown-Eyed Girl, but figuring out what to post has been the hardest thing ever. This whole getting-a-book-published business has felt like a dream. Even when I hold my book–MY book!!–in my hands, it doesn’t feel real.

The critic in my head tells me I’m not a good enough writer to get published, therefore making me feel like a fraud every time someone buys my book. Do all published writers feel this way? Maybe I should take a poll.

Anyway, I am super excited (ok, MOSTLY excited) that The Unicorn Hunter is out and I can’t wait to share my love of writing with all of you. I mean, that’s really what it comes down to. I love writing and whether or not everyone (or anyone) loves my books, having the chance to bring stories and people to life through my words is absolutely amazing and I will never quit.

Tomorrow, check out Wishful Endings for Day 2 of The Unicorn Hunter Blog Tour!

The Unicorn Hunter

The Unicorn Hunter
Rachel Kirkaldie

Princess Jessalyn’s betrothal is the talk of the realm, but all she cares about is escaping her family’s smelly fishing kingdom. As queen of Gontir, her life will finally be perfect. But her plans are shattered when she’s kidnapped by a murderous unicorn hunter in a plot to destroy Gontir. With her dreams in ruins, Jessalyn must decide if the life she’s always wanted is worth the price of her heart.


Product Details
Title: The Unicorn Hunter
Author: Rachel Kirkaldie
Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc
ISBN-13: 978-1462120314
Publication date:06/13/2017
Price: $13.99